How To Select A Professional Cleaning Company

The Questions You Need To Ask.

Do you have good references?
Always ask for references when hiring a service company. If they are any good, they should be able to give you plenty of glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Here at TLC, we have hundreds of complimentary letters and comments and we are referred by some big names in the carpet/upholstery supply business, property management and letting agents and interior design companies. Our reputation ensures you can trust us to provide you with the finest service experience ever.

What sort of experience do you have?
The carpet cleaning industry is plagued by ‘start ups’ that do not last the course and companies with very high staff turnover. Often, the people coming into your home have little training or knowledge. Don’t let your treasured possessions become their learning experience. Here at TLC, we’ve been cleaning carpets and fine fabrics since 1990 and have tackled just about every problem imaginable. We can almost certainly solve any cleaning problem you can throw at us!

What qualifications do you have?
People are surprised to hear you can take exams in carpet cleaning. Yes, it’s perfectly true! All staff at TLC attended courses and are trained to internationally recognised standards, ensuring that when they’re in your home they know what they are doing and are fully capable of bringing you the best results.

What Systems Do They Use?
It is important to know that a cleaner isn’t going to overwet or damage your carpets or fabrics through shrinkage, split seams or colour loss. To avoid problems, having top class equipment is essential, (plus of course knowing how to use it properly.) At TLC, we use where possible, cutting edge low moisture technology designed to avoid the problems mentioned above. It also delivers great results and can leave carpets dry in as little as 30 minutes.

What Sort Of Customer Service Do You Provide?
Our company mission is to provide you with the most amazing service experience ever!

We are committed to letting you all costs upfront and in writing. We’ll answer your calls live and show up on time. Should we be delayed for any reason, if we are 10 minutes or more behind, we will ring you and keep you fully informed.

Our staff will turn up in smart clean vehicles, in the company uniform and be courteous and polite throughout the whole of the appointment.

It doesn’t end there. You’ll receive a complimentary spot cleaner for removing day to day marks and also receive a follow up call to check you are thrilled with the result. (Of course, should there be any concern on your part, we’ll be back at your convenience to put things right.)

Will I Receive Value For Money?
It rarely makes sense to judge a cleaning company on price alone. Many companies take short cuts in order to cut costs and often leaving dirt attracting residues in your carpets and upholstery from their low cost, poor quality cleaning agents.

TLC are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for!

It’s impossible to provide the best results and best service experience if you cannot afford the best staff, equipment and the time to do the work properly.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?
Of course few do but here at TLC we are proud of our amazing 100% money back guarantee. The terms of this are quite simple.

Should you be dissatisfied in any way, we’ll return free of charge and put things right. If you are still unhappy, your payment will be refunded, every penny.