Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether you have fitted carpet or carpet tiles, your floor covering represents an enormous investment and extracting the maximum workable life from it is just plain common sense.

At TLC, our commercial carpet cleaning service is geared up to maximising your flooring maintenance budget. We can tailor a programme that concentrates on the problem high wear, high traffic areas, enabling the whole floor covering to last 2 to 3 times longer.

Whether a one-off clean or a tailor made maintenance plan, you can rest assured that TLC will put YOUR interests first.

Most commercial carpet cleaning is carried out using the Dry Fusion low moisture system. We are licensed operators of this system which means that we are legally committed to providing a minimum standard of service.

In reality, our service levels are way above minimum standards. In fact most of our commercial clients receive truly phenomenal results and can use the carpet within 30 minutes.

As ever, we are totally committed to providing the most amazing cleaning experience ever, backed by our 100% money back guarantee! When you deal with TLC, your money is never at risk.