Upholstery Cleaning

We consider the 5 main qualities required to be a great service company are Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems and Guarantee.

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Fabric and upholstery cleaning is the one area where these five qualities are vitally important because this is the most difficult area of our job.

Fabrics are produced by a plethora of manufacturers, all vying with each other, changing and ‘improving’ their processes in order to save money and increase profitability. We have even witnessed fabrics that have completely changed colour after cleaning, because the maker missed out the dye stabilisation stage, (presumably to save money!)

The furniture manufacturer isn’t aware of a problem, nor is the retailer. The problem only comes to light when you have your upholstery cleaned!

These are not isolated incidents, they arise regularly and this is why you need an upholstery cleaning company aware of potential difficulties and how to deal with them.

Our technicians are trained not only in how to clean but also how to spot potential problems. They follow our rigorous 8 step cleaning procedure to ensure you get the result you want.

1.  Pre-inspection and colour test.
We visit your home to check the fabric’s suitability for cleaning and if necessary carry out a dye test in an inconspicuous area.

2.  Protection of surrounding areas.
Before cleaning commences, absorbent towelling is placed under and around the furniture to protect carpet or flooring from over spray.

3.  Pre-spotting.
Any awkward or annoying spots are tackled prior to cleaning.

4. Pre-treatment.
The fabric is pre-treated with a pH neutral cleaning solution, designed to be gentle on the fabric while loosening and emulsifying dirt and grease.

5.  Thorough cleaning.
Every bit of your upholstery is cleaned to give an even consistent result although we spend considerably more time on the heavily soiled areas in order to return them to the best possible condition.

6.  Fabric Protection.
As an option, you may wish to have your upholstery treated with a highly effective stain protector. We use a solvent based product because it doesn’t increase the drying time.

7.  Grooming.
At this stage, pile fabrics such as chenille or draylon, are groomed in order to return the pile back to its original state which looks much better and assists drying.

8.  Rapid drying.
Where a sensitive fabric has been identified or very quick drying is necessary for other reasons, we leave an industrial air mover running to accelerate the drying process and