Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

For most rugs, particularly hand woven and fringed rugs, we strongly recommend cleaning off site where proper controlled conditions allow the best result to be achieved and more importantly, dry the rug quickly to avoid colour run.

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TLC’s dedicated rug cleaning facility handles literally hundreds of rugs each year with each one passing through a rigorous 8 stage cleaning process.

1. Pre-inspection and collection.
We will visit your home to inspect the rug, determine the best way to clean and give you a written quotation for the work.

2. Dye test for colour run.
On arrival at our unit, dyes are tested to ensure colour fastness. The results of this test may determine how the rug is cleaned.

3. Dry soil removal.
On return to our facility, dry soil is removed from both the back and pile of the rug taking care not to damage the fringes.

4. Fringe cleaning.
Some companies use bleach to make the fringes white. It looks good but causes the fibres to gradually rot and eventually fall apart. We wet clean both sides of the fringes using mild cleaning agents. It’s harder work but the fringes are undamaged.

5. Pre-treatment of marks or spots.
Now we can turn our attention to the rug proper by spot treating obvious stains and marks.

6. Thorough cleaning.
Having selected the most suitable method, the rug is carefully cleaned to the highest standards.

7. Rapid, controlled drying.
Perhaps the most important part. Rapid drying greatly reduces risk of colour run or mould formation in very thick, heavy rugs.

8. Stain protection treatment.
At this stage, a stain protective treatment can be applied. We always use a solvent based protector to avoid over wetting.

9. Inspection, wrapping and return.
Once the rug is fully dry, it is visually inspected to check all removable marks and stains have gone. The rug is then wrapped in cellophane to avoid soiling in transit back to you.
Please note: If you wish to store the rug long term, it must be wrapped in brown paper to avoid sweating and formation of mould.