Fabric & Fibre Protection

What is it and how does it work?
Application of protective treatment.Fabric protector is a water or solvent based spray-on treatment which works in a similar fashion to the Teflon coating on a non-stick frying pan. It is based on the same chemistry, employing fluorochemical resins that coat fibres with an invisible protective shield.

The protector greatly reduces the likelihood of spills becoming permanent stains. Secondly, because the coating forms a smoother surface than exists on the unprotected fibres, (particularly wool), particles of dirt and soil find it more difficult to lodge in the fibres. Your vacuuming becomes more effective and the carpet or upholstery will stay cleaner for longer.

TLC’s  Amazing 12 Month  Protector Guarantee.
When you have your carpets protected by TLC, you receive a unique guarantee. For 12 months after application, if you cannot remove a spot with our complimentary professional spot cleaner, we will come out and tackle it for you completely free of charge!

The benefits of protector to you.

Reduces permanent staining.
A beautiful carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. Unprotected carpet or upholstery is much more likely to be permanently marked than that treated with a protector.

Saves damage to traffic lanes.
Because protector improves vacuuming efficiency, harmful  soil and grit cannot build up so quickly in the traffic lanes. This is important because grit cuts delicate fibres as carpet is walked upon and is responsible for accelerating wear.

Makes spots easier to remove.
Day to day spots and marks are easier to remove. You will find our professional spot treatment we left with you when we cleaned for you will easily remove the vast majority of marks.

Reduced call out costs.
Many people call us up to get rid of a spill such as red wine or coffee. Should you have a spill during the first 12 months, you are covered. We’ll come out free of charge.

Your carpet will look cleaner for longer.
Having protector applied will help your carpet or upholstery keep its looks for longer and when your next professional clean is due, the results will be better too.