10 Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

  1. How long does carpet take to dry?
  2. What causes the horrible black lines round the edge and under doors?
  3. How safe are your cleaning chemicals?
  4. Do You Guarantee Your Work?
  5. What kind of carpet cleaning system do you use?
  6. Is it true that once I’ve had my carpet cleaned, it will get dirty again very quickly?
  7. Can you clean natural fibre carpets like sisal and coir?
  8. Can you get all marks out of carpet or upholstery?
  9. Will my carpet shrink?
  10. Are you insured?

1 – How long does carpet take to dry?

Big, open of areas of carpet can easily be dry within 30 minutes using our low moisture system but smaller areas will take longer. As a guide, an empty domestic lounge dining room should be dry in 30 minutes. If there is minimal furniture (3 piece and dining table) the drying time may be extended to an hour or two. If  ‘steam’ cleaning is used, drying times are extended and will take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

2 – What causes the black lines around the edges?

These are known as filtration marks and are caused by rising air travelling upwards around the carpet edge, depositing fine airborne deposits of oily dirt, (primarily traffic exhaust such as diesel particulates.) A special process is needed to treat them and usually results in a 90% plus improvement in appearance.

3 – How safe are your cleaning chemicals?

All general cleaning chemicals used by TLC conform to the highest standards of safety and are chosen for their suitability in your home where children or pets are present and not on cost. Unlike ‘one man band’ operations, we also have to consider the safety and welfare of our staff because of their continual exposure to the products we use.

4 – Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. Every job carried out by TLC comes with a 12 month iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

5 – What kind of system do you use?

Our company uses both hot water extraction ‘steam cleaning’ and low moisture cleaning. (Much more information is available in our consumer guide.) Despite many misleading claims, no single system is suitable for all carpets and we will always pick the system that will achieve the best result for you. Our advice to consumers is never to get ‘hung up’ on the system. The operator is far more important and you’re covered by our money back guarantee.

6 – Is it true that once I’ve had my carpets cleaned they will get dirty again very quickly?

This can happen if a heavy detergent residue is left in the carpet, a mistake commonly made by those using DIY machines and the ’cowboy’ low cost end of the market who are looking to speed things up by cutting corners. It is like washing your hair and not rinsing it. Cleaned properly and professionally with either ‘steam’ cleaning or low moisture, your carpets will not re-soil quickly.

7 – Can you clean natural fibre carpets like sisal and coir?

Sisal, seagrass and coir carpets can be very successfully cleaned using a mixture of steam and low moisture cleaning. This is not for the amateur and must be performed by a professional because if the carpet is over wet, IT WILL SHRINK!!

8 – Can you get all marks out of carpets and upholstery?

Unfortunately, we can’t. There are a few things that can cause permanent staining that we are unable to deal with. The most common are pet urine, (which has dried in) and dyes whether hair dye, food colourings or fake tan. Most other marks can be  removed inc blood, oil and many ink and paint marks.

9 – Will my carpet shrink?

Carpets usually only shrink if the backing gets wet. This is exacerbated if it is badly fitted too. Where possible, we prefer to use our low moisture system which completely eliminates the possibility of shrinkage and split seams through over wetting.

10 – Are you insured?

Yes we are. All businesses are required by law to carry public liability insurance. This means if you trip over a cable and break your neck, you’ll be covered. We go a step further and are covered for ‘goods worked on’. This is expensive and few cleaning companies have this. For us and our client’s peace of mind, we are covered for damage to your possessions.