About Us

(TLC)  Total Leather and Carpetcare History

Phil Hall began the business in 1990 as a one man carpet and upholstery cleaning operation. Over time, the outfit grew to the point where he couldn’t possibly do everything on his own but was reluctant to employ anybody to help with the work load, knowing full well the risk of potential damage from traditional ‘wet’ carpet cleaning systems.

At this time, ground breaking low moisture carpet cleaning equipment arrived in the UK from Australia in 1999, revolutionising the industry and delivering what clients wanted; clean, dry, useable  carpets with virtually all risk of damage eliminated.

Phil saw the opportunity, bought the system and took on his first employee. The company grew and grew to the point where the six regular staff are now supplemented by our student children and their friends during the busy summer months, (a real family affair.)

The next significant milestone saw the entry into the leather restoration industry. Phil had cleaned leather for years but was frustrated by damaged leather he could do nothing about. In 2010 he booked on a comprehensive leather restoration course and took the first steps down what has become a fast growing part of the business.

Phil’s wife Janet left her job with the civil service having fallen in love with the leather restoration side of the business, (it shows in her work) and has greatly expanded the types of leather problems we can tackle. She loves classic cars, many of which now are brought to our unit for leather seat and trim cleaning and restoration.